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We offer telecommunication services;

Provisioning and commissioning of both licensed and unlicensed microwave radio and fibre optics transmission for SME, ISPs. Institutions and both Governmental and non-governmental organization across Nigeria.

Configuration of NMS/cisco switches and router/Mikrotik Router/MPLS/Leased Lines services/PRT servers/billing portal/OLT/Database for Ticketing

Setting up of NOC/Technical support/Customer support services for SME and ISPs

We train companies, government and non-government organization IT/regular staff on the use of ICT products and services efficiently both indoor, online and onsite training at schedule time.

We help both young/adult, female/male to build their career on telecommunication sector by giving them an intensive training with live equipment, field practice which they can never get elsewhere.

Experience a New Digital World.

Our expertise, synergy, determination, experience gives you the desire product and services